Established in 2010, Greens endeavors to promote Taiwanese image and its own brand. Our business includes graphic design, package design, product design and business incentive planning. We uphold the aim of “Promoting New Life, Leading New Fashion” in our own brand. Greens continues to develop feature products of local culture, in hopes of providing consumers a more convenient and quality life.


綠 芽 成 長 故 事    
 logo-03-01   綠芽創意在2012年首度與台灣三麗鷗合作,推出「三麗鷗壓克力感應票卡套」。 2014年更積極合作食品市場,結合綠芽自有品牌與三麗鷗的授權圖像,推出具台灣在地特色水果製品與原住民特色飲品。

In 2012, Greens worked with Sanrio Taiwan for the first time to provide customers with the “Sanrio Acrylic Card Covers”. In 2014, we have worked further with the food industry to combine our own brands and authorized images of Sanrio to provide customers with local Taiwanese fruit products and aboriginal style drinks.

 logo-04   創立於2015年,將台灣在地特色文化,以新穎不失傳承的方式,呈現在「島語文創」之中,期望透過島語的力量,帶領台灣在地文化走進世界各個角落。

In 2015, we have established the "Dao Yu" to incorporate local Taiwanese cultures with novel means of preserving traditions. Through the strength of Words of the Island we can spread local Taiwanese cultures to various places in the world.

 logo-02   創立於2015年,秉持推廣與交流日本清酒文化為目標,持續引進具日本在地特色的地酒及專業酒器,提供國人及清酒愛好者更多樣的選擇。

In 2015, we have established the "Greens Cellar", aiming to promote and exchange Japanese sake culture. We are continuously importing featured local Japanese sake and professional instruments, proving various choices for all Taiwanese and sake lovers.